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Hi I’m Catherine, I'm an experienced qualified semi-permanent make up artist.

I specialise in transforming your uneven, sparse eyebrows into beautiful,

symmetrical, natural looking brows by using the lastest techniques in

microblading and tattooing. My job is to transform your brows into the shape

and thickness you’ve always desired making you feel confident and beautiful.

Just like every other women in the 2000s, when growing up i over plucked

and ruined the brows I had. They would never be the same again.


"I became bored of drawing on and covering up patchy areas

so I decided to have mine microbladed. It was the best decision

I made as got up in the mornings and my brows were perfect"

I wanted to be able to make other people feel this confidence so here I am!

My background is nursing, I've been a qualified nurse for over 13 years

with experience in all areas of medicine but specialised in accident & emergency.

I've worked in very busy A+E departments for many years

and have experienced all sorts of situations.

My vision is to make evey women that comes to Cats Eyes feel

the confidence they deserve. You will have my undivided attention

during your appointment drawing upon my experience and opionion.








Cats Eyes Microblading York


Call Cat on 07581245317



Cats Eyes Microblading York

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